Exercising to improve the cancer experience: One STEP at a time

January 31, 2013

H.B. Beal Secondary School Library


Presented by Catherine Sabiston, PhD, University of Toronto, Associate Professor. International speaker and health and wellness expert featured on Montreal's CTV Lifetime. Learn more about Catherine.



Participating in physical activity is associated with numerous physical and psychological benefits for cancer patients and survivors. Unfortunately, starting and sticking with an exercise program that is manageable during or after treatment can be a challenge.  Come and listen to Dr. Sabiston talk about the importance of exercise for cancer survivors and caregivers. Learn about research-based strategies that will help get you moving!


Why should you attend this month's Cancer Care Talk? 

Have you been affected by cancer (directly or indirectly)?

  • Do you have concerns about exercising during or after cancer treatment?
  • Do you want to learn strategies to help you be more active?
Dr. Sabiston will offer the latest research findings and evidence-based strategies to help you become more physically active. Whether you have cancer or care for a loved one with cancer, this presentation and discussion will answer your questions about exercising to live well with and beyond cancer. 


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